Specializing in cash backed product protection solutions to growing industries in the high risk space.


Total Protection Plus is an innovative product by United International Underwriters. United International Underwriters Limited is a diversified insurance holding company that provides carefully tailored underwriting solutions in select high-value-added markets. We have the ability to identify and respond swiftly to emerging opportunities and to operate across a wide range of industries. United International Underwriters Limited is a Cayman exempted limited holding company that incorporated in 2016. We conduct insurance and reinsurance business through our principal operating subsidiary, United Insurance Company, an Aon managed company.

United International Underwriters Limited’s approach to the insurance markets is built on a foundation of effective risk mitigation strategies coupled with a robust knowledge of its clients’ goals and needs. We apply sound underwriting through experienced industry expertise and pride ourselves on sophisticated, targeted product structures and solutions. We attract insurance and reinsurance clients from around the world seeking flexible solutions for a wide variety of risks. We differentiate ourselves by creating innovative and customized solutions for complex risks.




We create peace of mind for the client, no more "What If's?" We work directly with your business to build value and protection into what you already offer all at no cost to your business.






United International Underwriters Limited is a private exempted holding company registered and governed under the laws and regulations of the Cayman Islands. United International Underwriters Limited holds a segregated portfolio company (also called an SPC or a "cell") within United SPC c/o Aon Insurance Managers.

United SPC was registered in 1988 under the Companies Law of the Cayman Islands as a segregated portfolio company. United SPC is a wholly owned subsidiary of United Insurance Company. United Insurance Company was originally established in 1975 to provide insurance, reinsurance, and pooling arrangements for captive insurers under Aon insurance managers. United Insurance Company is owned by several captive insurance companies, which are in turn owned by Fortune 500 companies in the US, Canada, the UK, and Europe.

United Insurance Company is rated A- (Excellent) by A.M. Best.
United International Underwriters Limited chose to form in the jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands for its

  • Reputation
  • Flexibility
  • Tax neutrality
  • Availability to world-class professional service providers
  • Trustworthy and reliable legal system
  • Compliance culture
  • Stable and consistent business-oriented government

The Cayman Islands is the second-largest private captive insurance domicile on the planet, behind only Bermuda. Leading financial institutions, Fortune 500 companies, and private and public businesses from across the globe have chosen the Cayman Islands as their jurisdiction.



Different situations require different solutions, which is why we consider all options before we decide on the best way forward — whether we’re planning our business strategies, weighing up a risk, or handling our clients’ claims.

Risk mitigation embodies the essence of what we do at United International Underwriters Limited, which makes us one of our industry’s leading experts in specialty insurance and reinsurance.

While United International Underwriters Limited is a relatively new company, our team’s experience and industry knowledge has been growing for decades.

Our focus on flexibility allows us to tailor innovative solutions for our clients and build long-term relationships that provide them with continuing value well into the future. That means getting to know our clients, their needs, and their challenges so we can provide them with the best possible products and services.

Risk improperly mitigated can be costly. Risks can cost human lives and cause property damage with consequent revenue or profit loss if not planned for and handled correctly.

Our reinsurance knowledge and relationships are extensive and span decades of experience. We focus on building long-term relationships with reinsurance partners who have track records and reputations for sound underwriting and have exposures that make risk transfer a vital aspect of their business needs.

We carefully choose where we apply our expertise and take an intellectual approach to everything we do as we continue to build a diversified and increasingly international business. We look at risk management not only as minimizing downside, but also as a way of actively adding management value to our investment portfolio. We also share our expertise with our clients by drawing on our skills and experience to offer informed opinions and insight, which provide an additional layer of value.


Insurance Lines Definition
A Performance bond “is issued to one party of a contract as a guarantee against the failure of the other party to meet obligations specified in the contract. It is also referred to as a contract bond. A performance bond is usually provided by a bank or an insurance company to make sure a contractor completes designated projects.” (Investopedia)
A Financial Guarantee Bond is “a non-cancellable indemnity bond that is backed by an insurer in order to guarantee investors that principal and interest payments will be made. Many insurance companies specialize in financial guarantees and similar products that are used by debt issuers as a way of attracting investors. The guarantee provides investors with an additional level of comfort that the investment will be repaid in the event that the securities issuer would not be able to fulfill the contractual obligation to make timely payments. It also lowers the cost of financing for issuers because the guarantee typically earns the security a higher credit rating and therefore lower interest rates.” (Investopedia)
A Performance Guarantee is “a business agreement between a client and a contractor for the contractor to perform all of their obligations under the contract. A performance guarantee might also include a clause to protect the client against losses incurred in case the contractor fails to perform and enforcement action is required or an alternative contractor needs to be engaged.” (Business Dictionary)
General Liability is “insurance protecting commercial insureds from most liability exposures other than automobile and professional liability” (IRMI) or an “insurance policy that covers claims arising from an insured's liability due to damage or injury (caused by negligence or acts of omission) during performance of his or her duties or business.” (Business Dictionary)


United International Underwriters Limited is an established leader in many of its chosen markets. Each of our business lines is run by a highly respected and experienced industry expert who possesses in-depth knowledge of the industries we serve and also an exceptional ability to create targeted product solutions.

United International Underwriters Limited’s approach to the insurance markets is built on a foundation of effective risk mitigation strategies coupled with a robust knowledge of its clients’ goals and needs.

We apply sound underwriting through experienced industry expertise and pride ourselves on sophisticated, targeted product structures and solutions. We attract insurance and reinsurance clients from around the world seeking flexible solutions for a wide variety of risks.

We differentiate ourselves by creating innovative and customized solutions to complex risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Total Protection Plus provides you with Safe, Secure and Insured protection for 100% of your initial full purchase price. Rest easy in the knowledge that we will pay you 100% of your full purchase price after the term agreed to per your contract.
This is a 100% insured Program, with a consortium of Investment Grade insurers to insure its obligations, subject to all terms, conditions and restrictions of that insurance policy. In simple terms TPP pays the premium at point of sale from its proceeds to ensure the funds are guaranteed. In the unlikely event that the sales company or TPP are no longer in business, your Option is protected and guaranteed by the insurance, and your option will remain in place and available to you under the same terms and conditions.
You will be required to satisfy and comply with any applicable terms and conditions of the Buy Back Option Terms and Conditions. For instance, during the “Notification Period,” you must inform TPP, of your intent to exercise your Option. If you do not exercise your Option within the Exercise Period, it will expire, and you will have no further right to exercise your set Option. In addition, you may be required to provide the following documentation:
  1. Written verification that you still hold good and clean title to the asset as applicable.
  2. Written verification from your lending institution (if applicable) that all loan payments have been paid in full as of the date the lending institution issued the statement.
  3. Written confirmation from the company that it has not received notice and has no knowledge of any Lien, unpaid taxes, or other assessment or encumbrance, placed, or which may be placed.
  4. If you are a transferee, documentation sufficient to establish that you are a Permitted Transferee as defined in the Buy Back Option Terms and Conditions (family member).
  5. Authorization to TPP to allow them to make these inquiries to confirm full compliance.

That's it, no hidden rules or clauses.
All notifications must be delivered to TPP by registered mail. The address is:
Total Protection Plus ,
190 Elgin Avenue, George Town,
Grand Cayman KY1-9001, Cayman Islands
You must submit your “Intent to Exercise Form” within the "Notification Period," which is defined in your contract. If you miss the Notification period, you forfeit the right to exercise the money back option and or you will miss that early exercise window.
The Notification Period is the one-year period halfway through your term. For example: on a 10-year term it is the time period between your 5th anniversary and your 6th anniversary dates. If you cannot find this simply let us know and we will confirm your specific notification period.
If at any time between your Purchase Date, your Notification Date and/or your Closing Date it is determined that you are ninety (90) or more days past due on any fee payments, you will receive a" Delinquency Notice" – on a one-time only basis – from TPP, reminding you that if these fees are not brought up to date within thirty (30) days, your Option will be forfeited. However, only one Delinquency Notice will be provided, and in the event that you become ninety (90) or more days past due, then you will forfeit your rights under your Option. Please note these, as applicable, fees are from your point of purchase only, as TPP never charges you any fees of any kind.
At the point of sale, the company you are purchasing with will advise you whether you have the Buy Back Option or not. You will then get a confirmation and certificate from TPP. If you have not received this document from TPI but believe you are eligible for the Buy Back Option, you must contact an authorized representative of TPP’s Membership Association Program immediately. Email us at
Your TPP Money Back Option can be transferred only to a permitted transferee as determined by the sales company or investment group. It is your responsibility to contact the sales company to make these arrangements in advance to ensure the person can be registered as a permitted transferee before the sale to ensure the Buy Back Option remains valid.
Your Buy Back Option will automatically terminate upon your sale or transfer of any interest in your program to any person or third party except a Permitted Transferee. A Permitted Transferee is defined under the Terms and Conditions as a person or group as permitted by the sales company to whom you transfer ownership. A Permitted Transferee will be entitled to the benefits of your Option. Your Option is not transferable to any transferee other than a Permitted Transferee. It is your responsibility to notify TPP via certified mail of the sale or transfer of any interest in your ownership to a Permitted Transferee within ninety (90) days of the date of transfer.
Your program may have early exit options, and these are clearly defined in your contract. There are no other options beyond what you agreed to at the time of your purchase, and you must fill out your notification form in the year-long notification period as applicable (for example in year 5 to receive your Buy Back Option in year 10).
Your Buy Back Option will be transferred to your heirs along with the program/investment that it is associated with. These would be considered a Permitted Transferee and this would be handled by your sales company and TPP on your behalf.
Yes, if you filed for your cash back and when the time comes you decide to wait until the next period or waive your Option, you are free to do so. TPP will always keep in communication with you regarding your options in each case. For any and all other questions please feel free to contact us via email at

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Total Protection Plus ,
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